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The Dawn of a New Era in Guyana

In the heart of Guyana emerges a burgeoning oil and gas sector, unlocking unprecedented opportunities and steering the nation towards a prosperous future. The pivotal role of skilled professionals is undeniable, and thus, establishing a robust and knowledgeable workforce becomes imperative. Here’s your golden ticket to be part of this revolutionary journey!

Learning from the Industry Mavericks

Over the years, Global Technology has steadfastly served the Guyanese community, not only by offering a myriad of recognized and accredited computerized training courses & certifications but also by ardently advocating and preparing students for the C.S.E.C examination. Our journey has witnessed a persistent evolution, navigating through various facets of technology to robustly enhance Guyana’s workforce in this increasingly tech-savvy era. Today, as Guyana stands at a pivotal juncture, greeted by the burgeoning opportunities within the booming oil & gas sector, Global Technology Inc. boldly steps forward in a groundbreaking collaboration with Maersk Training. With its sterling reputation and influential global footprint, Maersk Training brings to the table state-of-the-art oil and gas training, boasting a network of graduates who hold pivotal positions in the industry across the globe. This potent synergy of training excellence does not merely seek to educate; it aims to empower, ensuring that you are perpetually a stride ahead in the competitive labor market, primed to significantly contribute to Guyana’s thriving oil and gas community.

Why Choose Our Training Program?

Global Technology & Maersk Training stand tall with a sterling reputation and a global footprint in providing state-of-the-art oil and gas training. Our alumni, dispersed across pivotal positions in the industry worldwide, stand testament to the caliber of our programs. Accredited and awarded for excellence, our training modules ensure you’re always a step ahead in the competitive market


Enrolling in training courses provided by Global Technology and Maersk Training can offer an array of benefits for individuals seeking to build or advance their careers in the evolving oil and gas industry of Guyana.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Gain the knowledge that is directly applicable to real-world scenarios in the oil and gas sector, this curriculum prepares participants for emerging technologies and methodologies in the industry

World-Class Expertise & Skill Development

Leverage the global experience and expertise that Maersk Training brings into the program in collaboration with Global Technology’s expertise, who have been delivering tech-driven educational content over the years in Guyana.

Internationally Recognized Certification

Acquire certifications that are recognized globally in the oil and gas sector which will bolster your professional credentials and enhance your appeal to prospective employers with the oil & Gas sector.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Remote Learning: Potential online courses or hybrid learning models provide flexibility. Flexible Schedules: Choose training schedules that align with your availability and commitments.

Why Choose Us

benefit 1

Get Access to Cutting-Edge Technical Knowledge used in the oil and gas industry

benefit 2

Hardware and Software Proficiency: Develop your expertise in using both hardware and software tools that are crucial for modern oil and gas operations

benefit 3

Internationally Recognized Certification Credibility: enhancing your professional credibility in the oil and gas sector. Career Mobility: With an internationally acknowledged certification, your career is not confined to one region.

benefit 4

Safety & Risk Management: receive training on managing and operating high-tech equipment & systems safely

Unlock Your Future in Oil & Gas: Elevate Your Expertise with Our World-Class Training Programs

Our meticulously crafted courses, enriched with the latest industry insights and technological advancements, ensure that your learning transcends traditional boundaries. Engage with our high-fidelity simulations and hands-on training sessions, meticulously designed to mirror real-world technical challenges and operational scenarios in the oil and gas industry. Our seasoned experts, armed with a wealth of global industry experience, will guide you through a learning experience where every query is addressed, and every session is a step toward technical mastery. We’re not just delivering a course; we’re facilitating a holistic, technically advanced learning environment that molds you into a future-ready professional, capable of navigating the multifaceted technological landscape of the modern oil and gas industry with dexterity and expertise.

Global Technology INC + Maersk Training